Restricting Travel by Libyan Women: Interpretations and Repercussions

The system of Libyan legislations pertaining to women has undergone various developments and transformations, but since late last century they have followed the same pattern. Via an objectiv...Read More >>

Decision: In the name of the Lebanese people

Base No.: 44/2017 Date of Receipt: February 12, 2017 Department of Judge: Jad Maalouf Plaintiff: [name redacted] Defendant: [name redacted] ...Read More >>

Ramlet al-Baida: Activating Laws to Protect the Environment and the Coast

Editor’s Note: For months, public opinion has followed the case of Ramlet al-Baida and the legal developments and reactions from society it has provoked. The case began to unfold wh...Read More >>

Lawyering in Egypt: Regulation and Reform

The Bar Association is the largest syndicate in Egypt. More than 700,000 lawyers are registered in it – a huge number in relation to Egypt’s labor market and population. The law ...Read More >>

What Can the Case of Ramlet al-Baida Teach Us?

Editor’s note: The following article was written prior to the recent ruling on April 11, 2017, in which the State Shura Council reversed its earlier decision that suspended the constru...Read More >>

Mental Health Strategy in Lebanon: An Anthropological Critique

In May 2015, the Lebanese Ministry of Health launched a five-year national strategy entitled Mental Health and Substance Use: Prevention, Promotion, and Treatment. As anthropologists working...Read More >>

Right of Disabled to Working in Lebanon: Complicity and Non-compliance

On February 13, 2017, the Lebanese State Council’s first chamber issued a final decision on guaranteeing disabled people’s right to work in the private sector. The decision oblig...Read More >>

‘Settling’ Beirut: Residents Rebel Against the Club Clamor in Hamra

There are some resources that we hold in common, such as the air we breathe and the water we drink. We take them for granted, but their widespread availability makes everything else we do po...Read More >>

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