Egyptian Court to Government: Rehabilitate Informal Areas

On December 24, 2016, Egypt’s High Administrative Court issued a ruling to put into effect a constitutional mandate set out in Article 78 of the 2017 Egyptian Constitution. In essence,...Read More >>

Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court: Striking is a Right, Not a Crime

On June 17, 2017, the Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt, presided over by Advisor Muhammad Mahir Abu al-Aynayn, issued a ruling sketching for parliament the controls for legally regulati...Read More >>

Egyptian High Court Bans Removal of Martyr Memorials

On May 20, 2017, Egypt’s High Administrative Court (First Division) issued a historic ruling. The ruling set down the values of loyalty, appreciation, and recognition for the Egyptian ...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Bearing Witness in Tunisia: Injustice in the Eyes of its Victims

Interview with Khamis al-Shammari, Mohammed Abbo, and Saleh al-Mansouri Editor’s note: In 1969, the State Security Court of Tunisia sentenced Khamis al-Shammari, a university studen...Read More >>

The Libyan Migrant Route: Torture on Land and Terror at Sea

Libya has a coastline that runs approximately 2,000kms along the Mediterranean Sea, the country lies close to southern Europe, and it shares 4,000kms with six countries. Consequently, Libya ...Read More >>

Purging the Judiciary under Helou: The Reform that Never Was

Charles Helou was elected president of Lebanon in 1964, succeeding Fuad Chehab. He officially adopted a reformist agenda and tied the fate of his term to the outcome of these reforms. In 196...Read More >>

Lebanon’s WhatsApp Judges: A Commendable Stance

During the past weeks, a number of judges received a circular issued by the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) ordering them to leave the exclusive WhatsApp group for Lebanon’s judges unde...Read More >>

​​​​​​​The Right to Information in Tunisia: The Legal Legacy of Civil Society

Editor’s note: The Tunisian legislator would not have adopted a progressive understanding of the right of access to information consistent with the spirit of Chapter 32 of the Tunisian...Read More >>

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