Capital Punishment in Tunisia: Suspension is Not a Solution

On April 12, 2017, Amnesty International issued its annual report on the death penalty for 2016.[1] The report revealed that Tunisian courts issued 44 death sentences in 2016, all the while ...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Former Tunisian President Marzouki: Reform Battle is Taking Place within Judiciary

Editor’s note: On December 30, 2000, the Court of First Instance in Tunis ruled to imprison Moncef Marzouki for an entire year on charges connected to his rights-based and political ac...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Capitalism and Lebanon’s Coast: Drawing Lines of Division in the Sand

Comment 1:  Honestly, as a Lebanese person, I could care less about Ramlet beach because the only people who go there are Syrians and Palestinians and filth and least the new...Read More >>

Beyond Combating Modern Slavery: Developing the Judge’s Social Role

On March 13, 2017, Summary Affairs Judge in Beirut Jaad Maalouf issued a decision denying a claim to recover possession of a foreign [domestic] worker. According to the ruling’s conclu...Read More >>

Lebanese Municipalities: Regulating Refugee Presence is “Our Jurisdiction”

Before closing his vegetables shop located in Beirut’s southern suburb [Dahieh], Syrian refugee Mahmoud, 33 years of age and father of two, depended on his income to secure a living fo...Read More >>

Restricting Travel by Libyan Women: Interpretations and Repercussions

The system of Libyan legislations pertaining to women has undergone various developments and transformations, but since late last century they have followed the same pattern. Via an objectiv...Read More >>

Decision: In the name of the Lebanese people

Base No.: 44/2017 Date of Receipt: February 12, 2017 Department of Judge: Jad Maalouf Plaintiff: [name redacted] Defendant: [name redacted] ...Read More >>

Ramlet al-Baida: Activating Laws to Protect the Environment and the Coast

Editor’s Note: For months, public opinion has followed the case of Ramlet al-Baida and the legal developments and reactions from society it has provoked. The case began to unfold wh...Read More >>

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