Beirut’s Balconies: The Transformation of Urban Residential Culture

During our research about the changing usage of balconies in Beirut’s residential buildings, we encountered a circular issued by the Ministry of Finance that recalls the various legal ...Read More >>

The Financialization of Property and the Housing Market in Lebanon

Lebanon’s housing market has been in crisis for approximately half a century. More families, both Lebanese and non-Lebanese, are struggling to find housing that meets their requirement...Read More >>

Policy of Destitution has Led to Undignified Living in Lebanon’s al-Mankoubin District

It happened at night 64 years ago. Roaring water, cries for help, wailing. The people of al-Souaika and al-Hadid in the heart of old Tripoli emerged to find that the Abu Ali River was angry ...Read More >>

EU-Tunisian Trade Agreement: A Trojan Horse for Economic Domination

In his book Nikabat Rijal al-‘Amalal-Tunisiyyin [The Association of Tunisian Businessmen: A Struggle of Class or of Dialogue?], Tunisian historian Hadi Timumi describes the period betw...Read More >>

Right to Health under Threat in Tunisia

The official reaction to the deaths of 15 infants at the Wassila Bourguiba Hospital in Tunis on 8 March 2019 was the following: a series of dismissals and new appointments at the Ministry of...Read More >>

Tunisia’s Transitional Justice in Transition: A Critical Assessment

 In early April, Mohamed Fadhel Mahfoudh, minister to the head of government for relations with the constitutional commissions, civil society, and human rights, supplied the heads of th...Read More >>

In 2018, Whom Did the Law Serve in Lebanon?

“Whom does the law serve?” This question poses itself in any society wishing to take measure of its democracy. Who creates the broad strokes of legal norms and regulations, and h...Read More >>

Forced Deportations to Syria: Rights Organizations Call on Lebanon to Respect the Rule of Law

Eight Lebanese organizations have called on Lebanese authorities to respect the rule of law and ensure that Syrian nationals have the right of defense against forcible deportation to Syria. ...Read More >>

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