Judicial Corruption in Lebanon: The Big Political Picture

Corruption is among the most conspicuous shortcomings in the performance of the Lebanese judiciary. Yet it is difficult to give precise data about its scope, due to weak oversight mechanisms...Read More >>

Defending Tiran and Sanafir: Khalid Ali Remembers (I)

Multiple emotions are evoked as I write these words. We have achieved a historical victory. We obtained seven final and decisive rulings from the Court of Administrative Justice and the Supr...Read More >>

Tunisia “Security” Judges Ignored Pleas of Prisoners

Editor’s note: Tunisia has held public hearing sessions for victims of state oppression. On that occasion, the archives of the security apparatus and the exceptional courts operating u...Read More >>

Khitan in Egypt: From Penal Code to Judicial Practice

In December 2016, the Suez Criminal Court sentenced a doctor who performed [what is commonly referred to as] female circumcision (khitan) [or female genital mutilation], that led to a girl&r...Read More >>

Public Hearings for the Victims of Torture: The Presence of the Absent Torturer

Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission dedicated its first public hearings to the victims of grave human rights violations. Those accused of involvement in these violations were absent...Read More >>

Remembering Torture in Tunisia: The Path of Transitional Justice Includes Financial Corruption

Towards the end of 2016, the Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) held four public hearings for victims of grave human rights violations committed during the period under examination. The hear...Read More >>

Public Will and the Success of Agricultural Cooperatives: Tunisia’s Jemna Oasis

Jemna Oasis and its village are located in Tunisia’s southwest. The farm and the village are both classified as state land. The state acquired the property –which comprises aroun...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Bill Curbing Civil Society in Egypt: A Legal Appraisal

On November 30, 2016, the Egyptian parliament suddenly approved a secretly-drafted bill regulating the work of civic associations, with no public discussion at a time when Egypt is experienc...Read More >>

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