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Ramlet al-Baida: Activating Laws to Protect the Environment and the Coast

Editor’s Note: For months, public opinion has followed the case of Ramlet al-Baida and the legal developments and reactions from society it has provoked. The case began to unfold wh...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Bill Curbing Civil Society in Egypt: A Legal Appraisal

On November 30, 2016, the Egyptian parliament suddenly approved a secretly-drafted bill regulating the work of civic associations, with no public discussion at a time when Egypt is experienc...Read More >>

Nationality and Cases of Statelessness: In the Middle East and North Africa

Publisher: The Legal Agenda. This book was prepared in partnership with Tilburg University and the Open Society Foundations in the scope of the MENA Nationality and Statelessness Project....Read More >>

Open the Doors

More than 24,700 children live in orphanages; this is more than 2% of Lebanese children. Around 90% of them are not orphans, but children from poor families unable to care for them.  T...Read More >>

Homosexuality is not a crime

In Lebanon, homosexuals continue to be arrested and prosecuted for their sexual orientation, based on Article 534 of the Criminal Code, which sanctions “sexual intercourse against the ...Read More >>

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