Mohamed Awaad

Egyptian lawyer

Egypt's Trade Union Law: Closing in on Egypt’s Trade Union Movement

In another step restricting the right to organize, Egyptian Parliament approved a draft law submitted by the government on “trade union organizations and the protection of the right to...Read More >>

​​​​​​​Church Law in Egypt: Restriction of Religious Rites in al-Furn – Minya

There is a new development regarding the crisis of prohibiting worshipers from praying in a church in the village of Minya. Last August, an Egyptian Cabinet spokesman said in a telephone int...Read More >>

Demolishing Villa Cicurel: Erasing Egypt’s Heritage is Unconstitutional

On October 1, 2016, residents of the city of Alexandria woke up to the news of the final demolition of heritage Villa Cicurel, after several attempts to bulldoze the villa within the past fi...Read More >>

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