Elham Barjas


Municipal Regulation of  Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: The Case of Kfar-Rimman

The municipalities’ involvement in managing the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon reduced the impact of restricting the issue to the central authorities. However, it also led to great i...Read More >>

Interior Ministry Advisor: Lebanon Refugee Policy Based on Set of “Nos”

Editor’s note: After more than half a decade of war in Syria and the ensuing Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon, The Legal Agenda is attempting to document the trends and positions that ...Read More >>

Restricting Refugees: Measuring Municipal Power in Lebanon

In recent months, a number of municipal authorities in various parts of Lebanon have established new procedures to regulate the presence of Syrian refugees in their area. The reason behin...Read More >>

Chastising Lebanon’s Unrecognized Married Couples: Cyprus as a Scapegoat

On November 10, 2012, the first civil marriage between Lebanese persons on Lebanese soil was contracted. After a long debate about the right of persons not belonging to any sect to contra...Read More >>

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