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Ibtihel Abdellatif of Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission: The Women Victims Who Chose to Testify

Editor’s note: Ibtihel Abdellatif is a prominent member of Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC). Within the TDC, she headed the Women's Committee, one of the committe...Read More >>

Libyan Legislation and Islamic Law: Decades of Shifting Tides

Many Libyans and non-Libyans alike were surprised by the speech that Mustafa Abdul Jalil, president of the National Transitional Council that led the February 2011 revolution, improvised at ...Read More >>

Ignoring the Plight of Lebanon’s Foreign Domestic Workers: A Bengali Woman’s Abortion

On February 27, 2013, one of the Internal Security Forces’ detachments received a call about a Bengali woman who had be admitted to  a hospital’s emergency ward with severe ...Read More >>

Decision: In the name of the Lebanese people

Base No.: 44/2017 Date of Receipt: February 12, 2017 Department of Judge: Jad Maalouf Plaintiff: [name redacted] Defendant: [name redacted] ...Read More >>

Judicial Injustices: The Example of Baraka al-Sahel The Testimony of Colonel Major Ahmad al-Ghilufi

Editor’s note: Article 102 of the Tunisian Constitution defines the judiciary as the authority that guarantees the administration of justice. This definition establishes the judicia...Read More >>

Lebanese Minister of Labor Azzi: Creating Hierarchies of Workers

Since assuming his portfolio, Lebanese Minister of Labor Sajaan Azzi has become known for his stringent policy towards granting work permits to foreigners, while expanding the list of pro...Read More >>

Statelessness in Mauritania: A Brief Account of a Long History of Discrimination

The general population and housing census conducted between March 25 and April 8, 2013 found that Mauritania has a population of 3,537,368. Youth constitute 50.7% of the population, women...Read More >>

Revoking the Love Ban or the Enslavement Circular: the Backlash and the Success

In early May 2015, The Legal Agenda learned that notaries were requesting employers (sponsors) of foreign workers to sign a pledge stating that the latter do not have any marital or intim...Read More >>

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