Mohamed Afif Jaidi

Tunisian Judge

Public Hearings for the Victims of Torture: The Presence of the Absent Torturer

Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission dedicated its first public hearings to the victims of grave human rights violations. Those accused of involvement in these violations were absent...Read More >>

Remembering Torture in Tunisia: The Path of Transitional Justice Includes Financial Corruption

Towards the end of 2016, the Truth and Dignity Commission (TDC) held four public hearings for victims of grave human rights violations committed during the period under examination. The hear...Read More >>

Public Will and the Success of Agricultural Cooperatives: Tunisia’s Jemna Oasis

Jemna Oasis and its village are located in Tunisia’s southwest. The farm and the village are both classified as state land. The state acquired the property –which comprises aroun...Read More >>

Criminal Justice in Tunisia: A Revolutionary Reform?

    According to Tunisian Law No. 5 of 2016, which revises the Code of Criminal Procedure, officers investigating criminal cases are required to run their investigat...Read More >>

Tunisia’s “War on Terror”: Security Tightens, the Judiciary Lightens

The Tunisian Constitution defines the judiciary’s function as follows: “the judiciary is independent. It ensures the administration of justice, the supremacy of the Constituti...Read More >>

Tunisia in a State of Emergency: Fear from Terrorism ... and for Freedom

On July 4, 2015, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi declared a state of emergency in Tunisia. The state grants the executive government, via the Minister of Interior and the governor, i...Read More >>

Libyan Refugees in Tunisia Lead a Precarious Existence

Unique and deep historical, economic, and social ties exist between the Libyan and Tunisian people. The relationship Libyans have with Tunisia has evolved with time, occasionally in respo...Read More >>

The Tunisian Government’s Policy Agenda Through 24 Draft Laws

On February 16, 2015, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid presented a list of 24 draft laws to speaker of Parliament Mohamed Ennaceur in order for the legislative council to attend to the...Read More >>

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